Dumpster Rentals in Sterling Heights, MI

Dumpster Rental is Now Simple

In case you have questions, call us at 313-307-3142 and they will be answered promptly by our staff. We have committed ourselves to making dumpster rentals in Sterling Heights as smooth as possible for you. So call us now and we will be happy to answer any question you might have about how it works.

Prompt Delivery and Pickup

We always deliver on time and are never behind schedule, unlike some other companies. We deliver roll-off containers promptly and at the place of your convenience. Our goal is always to make all our customers happy.

Clear and Affordable Roff-off Prices

Dumpster rental pricing in Sterling Heights is not always affordable for a lot of people. In fact the pricing policies of some companies are not very transparent.

But our dumpster rental pricing is clear cut and well-defined.  We include landfill charges, delivery, specific weight limit, and pick up in our charges. We have no hidden fees and we only charge what is stated upfront in our pricing policy.

Tips for You Before You Rent a Dumpster in Sterling Heights

This is a simple guide that we have created that you can use before availing dumpster rental services in and around Sterling Heights. You should have a clear idea about the kind of questions that you want to ask before you venture out to rent a dumpster. Asking the right questions will smoothen the process and will make it much more efficient, hassle-free, less costly and time-efficient.

Make sure that you follow these three simple steps before you decide to rent a dumpster

  • Firstly, even before you ask for a price quotation, make sure that you gather the right information. In fact, if you need help and want us to provide you with some vital information that will help you in making a sound decision, just make sure to call us at 313-307-3142 .
  • Secondly, make a list of questions that you need to ask before renting a dumpster. Ensure that you will not be charged any add-on fees or hidden costs that exceed the quoted price.
  • Thirdly, ensure that you have zeroed in on a good spot for the dumpster and then, prepare it accordingly so that your project is way more efficient.

Information to Help You Get an Accurate Price Quote

You should spend time trying to gather information that the staff at Easy Detroit Dumpster Rental might ask of you before they can give you an accurate price quote.

The first thing that we would want you to tell is the kind of waste material that you have and the quantity of it that you would put in the dumpster. This information will help us in putting out the best price quote and recommend you about the best dumpster size, while considering your requirements. Usually, there are four types of rental dumpster sizes which are widely available: namely, 10, 20, 30, and 40 yards.

However, in case you are unsure about the dumpster size that you need for your project, we advise that you choose a bigger dumpster size than you would ideally need. That will save you a lot of time and effort in trying to replace your smaller dumpster or finding a new larger dumpster that serves your purpose.

If you inform us about the kind of waste material that you are planning to dispose of, then we will tell you upfront about the kind of materials that you are not allowed to throw in the dumpster. This will make you more informed and help you making better decisions before you set your mind on picking a dumpster.

Once you decide a size that you want to go with, you should tell our company the exact time as to when you want us to deliver the dumpster to your location. You should also specify the exact number of days for which you will need the dumpster. We will then go through our inventories to figure out if the dumpster size of your requirement will be available on the dates that you need it.

Keep all this information handy and then give us a call a week in advance so that you can get price quotes quickly.

dumpster truck

Asking Dumpster Rental Companies for Price Quotes

Once you have your free price quote from Easy Detroit Dumpster Rental, call us at 313-307-3142. Whenever you need help, we are more than willing to help you.

Dumpster rental prices are quoted in many different ways. While some dumpster companies quote their dumpster rental prices based on the size of the canister, some other companies quote prices based on canister sizes with specific weight limits.

As per your needs, you should enquire with us if any weight limit will be imposed on our price quotes. Additionally, you will be billed for landfill charges when the roll off container is taken by the dumpster rental company.

Sometimes, penalties are imposed in case you keep the dumpster for a period of time that is longer than your original time arrangement. Make sure you know about the additional costs that might be levied in case you extend the period of keeping the dumpster, over and above the rental charges.

At Easy Detroit Dumpster Rental, we try very hard so as to not charge you with any additional fees. We pride ourselves on being transparent and helping our customers clearly understand what fees will be charged according to the kind of dumpster that decide to use and for how long.

Arrival Time – Things to Do When the Dumpster Arrives

After this, you need to set up the site for the delivery of your dumpster. You can decide if the dumpster company can have access to the drop-off location of your dumpster. In case you are planning to keep the dumpster on the street, then you might need a city permit for that. In fact we can help you source the necessary permits that are needed.

In case you are planning to keep it on your property like your own house or workspace, then make sure that you do not place the dumpster on either soft or grassy ground.

Because dumpsters are heavy, without proper support, they can either sink into the ground or cause much damage to your property. If you keep the dumpster on an asphalt or concrete driveway, then place some plywood under the wheels of the dumpster to prevent damage to your driveway.

When you are filling the dumpster, make sure that it is not more than 75% full or higher than the canisters walls of the dumpster. The container should be covered at all times while we are transferring it to the landfill.

This process is just collecting the right information and then giving us a call at 313-307-3142. Keep in mind the questions that you want to clarify before asking for the price quote. Make sure that you keep abreast of possible hidden charges and add-on charges.

Keep the dumpster in a proper place so as to save your property from any kind of damage. Keep the city permits handy that are needed, if you want to keep your dumpster on the side of the road and let us know so that we can help you in obtaining these permits for the city of Sterling Heights. This process is easy, so do it before renting a dumpster.