How to Contribute in Recycling


Recycling is the order of the day when we are striving hard to save our planet. The maxim of recycling aims to protect natural resources and eliminate unwanted waste that pollutes the environment.

There are umpteen numbers of ways by which you can contribute to the recycling effort. It’s high time we get serious about recycling initiatives as otherwise doomsday is just ahead of us.

We show you below how you can contribute to recycling.

Know about the recyclable products

You can’t just recycle anything and everything. Thus, you should have a fair idea beforehand of what products you can actually recycle. The most important materials you can recycle are glass, metal, plastic and paper.

Recycle water

Water is one of the most crucial resources and we have to save it. Headlines are rife with horrific news of how water is drying away from cities. If we don’t take any constructive steps to save water immediately, we won’t be able to save our places from drying out.

One of the best ways to recycle water is to re-use tub & shower water for flushing. You can also store rainwater for washing or gardening to save tap water.

Go for composting

Do you have a garden in your backyard?

That’s great and you can practice recycling there as well. Instead of buying manures for your trees- go for composting.

It’s a process where household and garden waste is left on the soil near the plants to degrade & compost. Composted waste is rich in nutrients and serves as excellent natural manure.

Practice recycling while shopping

You should also follow recycling practices while shopping. For example, do not take plastic bags while buying goodies from supermarket or any store- unless it’s an absolute necessity.

It’s best to carry a separate bag from home where you can pack anything you buy from the supermarket or mall. You should keep that bag inside your purse always. Then, you can also carry jars while buying anything fluid or semi-solid from the market.

Buy recycled products

Then, try also to buy products that are made from recycled materials. Some artists and designers are really working hard to bring the mantra of recycling into fashion.

And you should encourage that. For example, you will find fancy bags today made from old papers. Then, you will also find apparels that are crafted from sewing pieces of old clothes. Don’t worry about your look, these are extremely stylish.

Don’t buy products made from hazardous materials

Products made from hazardous materials cannot be recycled and these only add to our already burdening landfill & water waste. One of the best ways to eliminate waste is to stop buying such products. Instead look for products made with greener alternatives for an eco-friendly environment.

Finally, you should take active steps to teach your kids about recycling. It’s the children who hold the key to the future of the world. If we can educate them about the importance of practicing recycling from now on, our earth will be a lot safer when they will grow up.

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