Sustainable Communities: How to Strive Towards Sustainable Living

sustainble living

Sustainable living is the need of the hour. With the natural resources of the earth aredepleting at an alarming rate, it is high time that we switch to a more sustainable style of living.

This page elaborates how to achieve a lifestyle that is not heavy on the earth’s resources, thus helping the nature replenish exhausted resources at a proportionate rate.

What is Sustainable Living?

A lifestyle which helps us for survival of the present generations without hampering the needs of the future generations, is termed as sustainable living.

This implies controlled usage of the natural resources of the planet, as well as of our personal resources. A sustainable style of living also means lesser carbon footprint and a thoughtful living.

What is a Sustainable Community?

Simply speaking, a sustainable community is a community in the present-day world that decides to lead a sustainable living. It aims to focus on environmental and economic sustainability as well as infrastructure and social equity.

A sustainable community is the one which is socially, environmentally and economically healthy. In such a community not only do the people feel safe and happy, but also the environment is well taken care of and environmental damage is reduced.

Ways to Achieve Sustainable Communities

Sustainable communities always find an approach to a solution in a manner that it is not overburdening on the environment. There are many ways to achieve a community that is sustainable and resilient.

Build a Strong Neighborhood Infrastructure

A community can grow together only when there are strong neighborhood ties. In a well socially connected neighborhood, people live a more pleasant life, have more safety and share resources in a responsible manner.

One way of achieving strong neighborhood can be by designing buildings that make interaction easier among residents.

Save Energy

A common way to drive to work can be by riding a bicycle rather than your taking your car. And if you must use the car, insist on sharing it with your neighbors to drop off to their workplaces.

This is one good example of how you can save some energy. Another wise way to use some renewable energy can be investing together with your neighbors in installing solar panels.

Transport Network to Community Gathering Places

Those who strive towards achieving a sustainable society often look forward to interacting with more people. The best places which help in this goal are community gathering places like libraries and museums.

Interaction is the Key

Building a sustainable community is not an uphill task. If you are a sustainable living enthusiast, you can start just as simply by interacting with your next-door neighbor.

Even small and insignificant get-togethers like block parties or potlucks, can help strengthen ties within the neighborhood. All of you can then together talk about important sustainable lifestyle points like sharing resources amicably.

One can also arrange for educational events on topics like renewable and non-renewable energy, energy efficiency or even landscape clean-up ideas. There are numerous ways in which you can ensure the fossil fuels are burned less and renewable resources are used wisely.

We wrote this page to give you an idea on how to take the initial steps. Once you start attempting a sustainable lifestyle, building sustainable communities is going to be an easy feat.

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