The Importance of Energy Renewal

renewable energy

The typical energy resources that we use presently include many non-renewable sources that will deplete in a few decades. Humans have already exhausted a huge percentage of the earth’s non-replenishing resources.

This has a destructive effect on the environment and also negatively impacts our economy. However there are other renewable energy resources like solar and wind energy, organic matter, geothermal energy, and water that can be used quite effectively, without harming the environment.

Solar power produces electricity by taking energy from the sun light and it is then used in houses and industries. It can power lights, heat and cool homes, and produce electricity which can then be used to use our electronic appliances. In fact those parts of the world which have high exposure to the sun for the majority of the year can easily harness the benefits of solar energy, including some places in the USA.

The sun also warms the air and stirs up wind, thereby generating renewable wind energy. Wind farmers can use turbines or windmills to harness such wind energy.

Such wind energy can run households and firms alike, and also help to run factories industries. When water evaporates due to the sun’s heat, rain and snow are the results. This water fills streams and rivers and can then be used to produce electricity, known as hydroelectric energy.

Even the organic matter that makes up plants and dead animals, which is called biomass, can also be used to produce energy. This energy from organic matter can then be used for producing fuel and generating electricity. All of this is collectively referred to as bio-energy, meaning energy which is derived from natural life itself.

Renewable energy can also be generated from the earth’s own heat. It is thermal heat that is generated in the Earth’s crust and results from radioactive decay. This energy can be used to both heat and cool our homes and factories and is a reliable energy source.

Oceans can also be a rich source of renewable energy. This energy comes from the gravitational pull of the moon that creates tides. Tides and winds in turn create waves, and heat from the sun warms these waves. All of this can then be utilized for producing energy.

Non-renewable energy sources and their constant usage increasingly damage the environment that we live in. However we can avoid that by using renewable energy sources.

The large-scale destruction of our rainforests is partly due to such increased energy consumption. Oil drilling and coal mining most often strips the land of its natural resources and also makes our air and water toxic by polluting them. These non-renewable resources cause damage to all living things.

On the other hand, renewable energy sources can provide job security and empower local economies. This is because the money which is spent on renewable energy sources and investments which are made in environment-friendly sources helps to put the money back into the local economy.

Thus instead of depending on oil and other resources from other countries, we consume these local renewable resources and enhance our local economies.

While non-renewable energy sources will eventually run out, there is no such fear about renewable energy sources. If we do not switch to renewable energy sources soon, we will be depleting the Earth’s resources and making it harder for our future generations to live. However, it is not too late to make the switch. At, we encourage recycling and using as much renewable power as possible.

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